Used Japanese Engines

This page is dedicated for those who are not convinced why Used Japanese Engines imported from Japan proves to be the best option when your Japanese vehicle needs an engine and why it proves to be a smart investment in the long run. This page also serves as a useful resource for people who have specific questions about Japanese Engines.

Reasons why purchasing Japanese Engines proves to be the most viable option

We will not go deeper into the history and laws in Japan to better explain why Japan makes low mileage engines and transmissions available as we have already covered this topic " why Japanese engines are low mileage."

- It is a proven fact that compared to other countries average yearly mileage driven in Japan is around 10,00 Kms a year which is equal to 6213 miles.


-  Vehicles in Japan go through minimal wear and tear.


- There are no after-market parts or repair shops. All vehicles are professionally serviced by the dealers.


- Now let's talk about what we as importers do to ensure good quality. Purpose of our business it to provide the best solution to engine problems by ensuring every mechanical aspect of the engine and transmission is tested. Therefore when organically low mileage used engine from Japan is tested it minimizes the risk factor which gives good value for money.


Above reasons make Japanese Engines as the best option available in the market. Moreover we believe in ethical business practices. We have been in business for over a decade making customers happy.


Now lets focus on basic F.A.Qs

Our Japanese engines same as USDM vesions ?

Yes the long block is. Long block here means cylinder head and cylinder block. Since Japan and United States follow different emission standards it is imperative to switch intake and exhaust manifolds from the USDM version engine to ensure EPA regulated emission devices as all oxygen sensors are located in intake and exhaust manifolds. Moreover on some older Jdm engines there is no crank sensor, in order to fix this problem it is important to switch oil pump from USDM version as Jdm oil pump doesn't have a place to bolt crank sensor. Although we advice our customers to use a brand new oil pump because we consider oil pump as a maintenance component.


What are basic tune up steps required to avail of our 6 months unlimited miles warranty on engines?

All engines we sell are backed with 6 months unlimited miles hassle-free warranty. In order to ensure good performance we ask very basic tune up procedure which is widely accepted in automotive industry as preventive maintenance. Details about tune up could be found here


Tune up parts mentioned on above-mentioned link are the parts that have the most wear & tear mostly because they regulate proper timing, optimum oil pressure and engine-cooling.


What components & accessories are included on our engines ?

We have provided a very detailed list of how we ship our engines at the following link with pictures on this website:

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