Why import from Japan- low mileage Jdm Japanese engines.


Why do engines from Japan have low miles ?

Japan is the land of Auto manufacturers. Japanese automotive excellence is enviable. Japan is the only country in this world with strict automotive laws. Japanese Shaken law which is the strictest vehicle registration law is the reason why so many low mileage Used vehicles and low mileage Japanese Engines & Japanese transmissions are available. This is the single most inspection system which makes vehicle ownership very expensive. The inspection system is to ensure safety and higher standards for Japanese automakers so vehicles are safe on the road. The registration cost is very expensive which ranges from $20 for just the paperwork and about $350 for Registration fee. Liability insurance which is mandatory is twice the cost of the one in USA. Vehicle is also taxed on the total weight, recycling fee which is usually around $150. Typically shaken costs around $1300 to $2500 depending on vehicle grade. This means light motor vehicles are cheaper than commercial utility. If vehicle has no technical issues then shaken is cheaper otherwise cost almost doubles. Registration fee goes up for older cars. Typically it is feasible to keep the car for just 3 years because even if there is a minor mechanical problem each time shaken costs around $2000 and since Shaken is a Bi-annually required, it is not feasible to spend $4000-$5000 each year. Therefore it is pragmatic to keep your vehicle for only 3-5 years.

Apart from Shaken another issue restricting mileage is that everyone is required to lease or buy a parking space except for vehicles below 600cc. Parking ranges from $1000-2000. Parking rates are exhorbitantly high in metropolitan areas like Tokyo, Osaka etc.

Also there are no aftermarket shops, no repair shops etc. Most of the work is done by dealerships.

These are the reasons why Japanese Engines from Japan have low mileage.


1. Compression Test :
Compression test is the threshold test which checks health of the cylinders
2. Leak Down Test :

Leak down test is required to test for cylinder leaks. Leaks from intake manifold may mean bad head gasket.

3. Oil Pressure:

Ol Pressure test checks oil pressure in psi. Based on this info we test if oil pump is good or not.

4. Sludge Check:

Sludge in any engine appears due to irregular oil change or poor maintenance. Most Toyota motors and older motors have this problem. We pledge to our customers that we will not ship engines with sludge at all.

5. Final Overall Inspection:

Our engines are inspected one last time before packing. We pressure wash the motor in our state-of-the-art parts washer, look for cracks or any visible damages. Pack the motor securely for shipment.


We have been selling Used Japanese Engines for over 10 years in United States. We ship our Japanese motors nationwide within continental United States. Most of our engines are shipped to California, Texas, Nevada, Louisiana, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico, Idaho, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Vermont, Utah, Oregon, North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Georgia.



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