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This privacy policy refers to all websites that belong to Wholesale Japanese Engines INC, including mobile sites & applications.  All who visit or view this site or other sites that belong to us whether they purchase anything from us or not, acknowledge and accept the terms, practices and policies outlined in this Privacy Policy.


What does our Privacy policy cover ?

This privacy policy covers all aspects of user information we obtain at any given point of time including personal identification information, log in information, credit card details, any payment information, information from posts, comments, information obtained by logging in to our website and / or register on our website or from any other means etc.


This policy does not apply to practices or information that we don't collect  or own, or to individuals whom Wholesale Japanese Engines INC does not manage or employ, including  third parties to which we may disclose user information as mentioned on this policy.


Kind of Information we collect

We may obtain following type of information to indentify our customers, to process payments and to obtain vehicle information in order to find out right kind of engine or transmission your vehicle may have.


- Name

- Email Address

- Mailing Address

- Telephone Number

- Credit Card information or any payment details

- Social networking handle or username

-  Pictures or Photos

-  Demographic info including your age, gender, driving habits etc

- Job title

- Company name & address including your industry.

-  Content viewed on our websites, history of clicks on our pages.

- Automatically collected information ( see details below)

- Information from Third parties ( see below)


We may ask you to provide above information in order to understand your requirement and to understand user behavior from marketing point of you.


About information we collect automatically

We may automatically receive following information :

Information about your browser ( Firefox, Chrome etc), operating system, mobile device info ( Android etc), ip address, content viewed, login username or any such information which is collected automatically without our knowledge due to software or algorithm on our website with no intention to misuse the information.


Information collected from  Third party websites & Social network sites

Here third party sites mean Pinterest, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc. If you use these sites by clicking on them while they are integrated with our websites or if use any of these services through applications we provide, we may receive information including personal information through these websites like Name, handle / username/ Nickname, your photo, business or home or location address infoormation, your gender, education, likes, list of your friends and family members or any other information from these third party websites. We may receive this information through widgets, apps or plug ins. We may use this information to promote our products and advertisement purposes by providing you option to share or like our content. Interacting with your friends and family members by sharing our content is voluntary if you are comfortable sharing your personal information or be it any information that may be available online due to the use of social media sites. All information from third party sites will be governed by this privacy policy.


User of information

All information we receive or obtain regarding you or your computer or mobile phone we use it to understand nature of customer requirement, to fulfill user requests for example price request form requires information in order for us to understand details about the kind of engine or transmission you require. We may use the information to improve our service or products we offer and information that helps us provide solutions for increasing sales by enhancing customer experience at the same time.





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